What Tenants Really Want From A Rented Home

Date Published 02 May 2018

Being a landlord can mean that at times it is not always easy to second guess exactly what prospective tenants really want from a 'rental ready' home.

Reasons for deciding on a property can range from anything such soft furnishings, decor which can always be spruced up to make the property more appealing and maximise first time impressions for prospective tenants.

The latest research carried out for a landlords insurance, let property insurance & unoccupied property insurance company, surveyed tenants asking them what they really wanted from a new rented 'home' and what were the most important factors.

Unsurprisingly the survey found that the majority of 77% of those who took part stated that the cost was the most important.

Location was the second most important for 68% and 48% wanted to live in a property that had a garden.

There is an increase of renters who are animal lovers with 32% saying that they must be allowed to live with their pets and 23% needed ample parking facilities.

Commenting on the survey, Richard Burgess, a director of the firm highlighted the growing numbers of tenants with pets; he believes that landlords should seriously consider allowing pets in their properties.

He said: 'In February, Labour said it wanted to implement a default right for tenants to keep a pet in their rental properties. It appears that the party has found this is a popular choice for tenants and would be seen as a vote winner.

'Regardless, landlords may want to consider their own policy on pets to see if it could help rent their properties now - or they are forced to change their policy by potential new government legislation.'