Adams Estates was formed to change the rental sector, 19 years ago, after our experience in the property investment industry it was apparent there was a massive void (not the empty house type) that needed to be filled!

That void is SERVICE! The lack of service within the property rental market is so below par we had to do something about it. This is our mission, “Change the rental market”.

How do we do that?

do that? We observed the following:

  • Bad reputation around landlords
  • Bad reputation around tenants
  • Lack of service from landlords and agents
  • Not treating tenants as customers (Big one!)
  • Lack of doing the right thing
  • and more

Our goal is to change this, how?

By replacing the above with the following:

  • Improve reputation around landlords/agents by treating tenants as customers and doing the right thing by them
  • Aiming for loyalty not satisfaction
  • Change reputation around tenants by being there to serve them when they need it
  • Do the right thing
  • Exceed expectations
  • Full commitment to you
  • Going the extra mile

Our management team is still with us 19 years later!!, and we are very much hands on to all our clients, tenants as well as landlords we don’t sit around on fluffy leather chairs!, we roll up our shelves, work as a team and get the job done, Be a part of this mission and choose Adams Estates!

“Adams Estates. Making a REAL difference in the rental market in Reading and surrounding areas, you won’t experience anything else like it!”

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