What renters want, need and expect in today`s market!

Date Published 19 August 2020

The sensibilities of this ‘new normal' we find ourselves in are precariously balanced with the additional uncertainties of Brexit, legislation changes, and the steady rise in the cost of living.

Letting agents and private landlords will also need to respond to the challenge faced by the desirable services, locations, and amenities offered to tenants by the growing Build to Rent sector.

It's likely that there will also be a big push – both morally and through legislation - to improve housing to meet eco-demands as the threat of climate change becomes more even more urgent. Add into this the age-old issue of supply vs demand and competition could not be fiercer amongst letting agents for attracting new customers.

Demand for rental properties has steadily risen since May 13, when government restrictions on moving house were lifted, with agents responding to months of pent-up demand.

While some landlords and agents have sought to maximise short-term gains on the recent lettings surge in this post-lock-down recovery era, turning the tables on relationships with tenants can produce far more personally and financially profitable outcomes.

The pandemic has given letting agencies an invaluable opportunity to prove their value, to landlords and tenants alike, by stepping up their service and support during a period when both groups are worried about their futures.

If agents want to raise their heads above the competition, it will boil down to being able to give assurances that their service level is superior to their rivals.

Credit to estateagenttoday.com