Tenants Prefer Eco Friendly Rented Homes

Date Published 12 May 2018

Apparently 42% of tenants feel that a property deemed as eco-friendly is a very important factor when deciding to rent a new `home`.

A recent report from an estate and letting agents chain claims that for London renters it is even a higher concern as 50% of prospective tenants include a properties `Green` efficiency in their decision whether to rent a `home`.

The survey also found that there is a real connection between higher rents being paid for properties with eco friendly attributes.

It is quite common that renters who are paying a higher rent have taken into account the property`s `Green` attributes as 63% of those who took part in the survey claimed their monthly rent was between £1,351 and £1,600. Whereas renters whose monthly rent is £350 or less only 37% were concerned by this issue.

Besides the importance of a property`s affect on the environment, green spaces were also very important for prospective tenants.

Almost a third (32%) of respondents would like their own or shared garden and 30% would be happy to pay more if an allotment was included.

The National Lettings Director of the chain, Martyn Alderton, said: `Whether it`s to reduce their energy consumption, save money or make a positive impact on the environment, it`s good to see that tenants consider the ‘greenness` of a building an important factor in their rental decision.`