Landlords Could Earn Extra £72 per month by Letting Tenants Redecorate

Date Published 18 October 2018

It is being claimed that if landlords allow their tenants to decorate their homes, they could potentially earn an extra £850 per year or more in rental income.

This is according to research carried out by a British wallpaper brand which has found that nearly a fifth (19%) of tenants are not being allowed to redecorate their rented homes and are also being stopped from carrying out home improvements, as specified in the terms of their tenancy agreement.

The research claims that 20% of renters would be happy to pay on average an extra £72 per month, if allowed to decorate their home to their own personal choice.

22% of tenants that took part in the survey said that being unable to decorate their home was extremely disappointing.

The poll was conducted with 1,000 tenants and 43% said they would only be too happy to stay longer in the property if they were able to decorate it.

44% that took part said that being allowed to decorate their home would ensure that they would take greater care of the property. Nearly a third (30%) said they would spend their own money in making sure that the property would be kept pristine.

Alan Kemp, head of brand marketing of the wallpaper company, said 'The UK's rental generation is increasing fast, with young professionals, new families, and over 50s amongst the largest groups opting to rent rather than buy.

'We have found that landlords discourage decoration, leaving Generation Rent lagging behind in the home style stakes. It shouldn't just be homeowners who are able to put their own stamp on their home – especially as there are so many easy ways to do this which aren't permanent, including strippable wallpaper, rugs and statement artwork.'

78% of landlords that took part in the poll stated that they would never allow their tenants to paint or wallpaper their properties. The main reason why landlords do not allow this is they believe that their tenants' taste may not appeal to all renters.