How will the Queen`s Speech affect us.

Date Published 11 May 2022

The Queen has announced proposed overhauls on planning, consumer and economic crime laws that could all have an effect on how estate agents operate.

One bill is the Levelling up and Regeneration Bill. This bill will battle the supply crisis with houses but under a more structured plan. Within the last decade, England has taken steps towards greater devolution but still some areas outside of our city regions remain stuck in the slow lane. In order to carry out this bill the main elements would be to create a new annual report on the country with set levelling up missions, creating a new model of combined authority, open new control for local authorities, giving residents more of a say and finally strengthening neighbourhood planning.

For estate agents the second bill is directed more towards them. The Digital Markets, Competition and Consumer Bill is set as a fight against fake online reviews. This would update consumer law to prohibit commissioning fake reviews to ensure that all reviews received are genuine.