English And Welsh Landlords Made £86,000 In 2017

Date Published 26 March 2018

On average English and Welsh landlords who sold their rental properties in 2017 made an average £86,651 profit if they had owned the property for 8.7 years.
The latest research from a UK wide estate agent unsurprisingly found that London landlords who had sold their rental properties last year, made the highest profit with an average of £253,981 - quadruple the amount made outside of London.

Due to the higher price growth in London and the South East it goes without saying these areas yielded the highest profit for landlords selling up.

Brent yielded the highest profit of 135%, Waltham Forest came second with 120%, followed by Maldon (Essex) and Westminster who came in joint third with a more than respectable 118%.

8 out 10 best highest profit areas were across London, however the North West's Pendle of made it into the top 10 with 109%.

Overall homeowners made just slightly more in relation to landlords when selling their properties because the research took into consideration that they had bought their homes nine years ago, whereas landlords had owned their properties for 8.7 years,

Research director of the estate agents, Johnny Morris, said: "House price growth has driven investor gains. Landlords selling in 2017 owned their homes for nearly nine years.