A guarantor is a representative of a tenant who agrees to co-sign the tenancy agreement and becomes jointly and severally liable for any tenant obligations. Guarantors are only required in the event that one of the named tenants cannot provide acceptable financial referencing.

The main factors that affect if someone can act as a guarantor are below:

  • They must be a UK resident
  • They must be able to prove employment / receipt of pension / proof of other income
  • The income must surpass thirty-six times the sum of the monthly rent put forward by the tenant you are guaranteeing

Assuming that these criteria are met the representative can be considered as a guarantor.

All guarantors will be required to complete a full reference through our referencing agent. This will include providing personal information for a credit check, and to provide proof of income. Please ensure you are happy to provide this information before agreeing to act as a guarantor. All offers are subject to complete, passed references and signed contract.

A guarantor will be asked to sign the tenancy agreement along with the tenant/s and therefore becomes jointly and severally liable with the tenant/s for all tenant obligations as laid out in the tenancy agreement. This includes payment of the full monthly rent if any of the named tenants default.

The guarantor will remain associated with the tenancy agreement for the full term of the tenancy and for any renewed term unless the tenants are re-referenced satisfactorily and it is agreed that the guarantor can be removed from the tenancy agreement and therefore their obligations.

We are often asked if we can write into the tenancy agreement that each guarantor will only represent their tenant, unfortunately this is not possible. If an application is unable to provide a guarantor in line with above, the landlord may agree to accept the whole rent for the tenancy in advance. If this is not possible, with regret, the applicant will not meet the referencing criteria.

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