Another increase in rent sees Landlords helping out their Tenants.

Date Published 07 June 2022

Figures are still soaring as the average cost of rent in England has reached £1020 per property in May which sees a 0.8% growth on April's figures. This constant uphill rise is seeing more Landlords intervene and help their current tenants by pausing or reducing rent.

More than 74% of Landlords feel an urge to help out their tenants in times of financial hardship. With 44% of them having already helped financially support their tenants during the last 12 months. Around 4 in 10 Landlords have said that they will keep their rents the same for the next year even when the rental market is soaring like it is. This means that just over half of Landlords plan on raising their rents further in the next 12 months.

The biggest rise in rent was seen in the East Midlands and the only region that saw a dip in the cost of rent was the North East.