The next generation of renters has arrived...

Date Published 19 August 2020

You don't need to go far for news about the UK lettings market. From the banning of tenant fees to proposed new changes from MPs, everyone wants to have their say on how to ‘fix' lettings in the United Kingdom.

But is it even broken? Sensationalist headlines about rogue landlords make for a great read, but they don't reflect the actual landscape. And no one knows the real story more so than letting agents, who are out there in the field every day.
The 21st-century renter has expectations that run deeper than merely ‘finding somewhere to live'. For them, renting is a lifestyle, and they want the best lifestyle available.

How people function on a day-to-day basis is seeing one of the biggest shifts in recent history. Instant gratification is now a requirement; not a desire. Convenience is key, from ordering a taxi with a quick click to having food delivered to your door - and it's all happening in our pockets.

The lettings industry is no different. Renters expect their queries to be answered in minutes; not hours. They want to operate at times that suit them throughout the day; not a rigid 9-5 structure that limits itself to weekdays.