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Warning: October 1st 2018 Mandatory Landlord HMO Licence 08 June 2018

As usual with any Governmental regulatory changes to the private rented section there was always an early proclamation beforehand. In the beginning of March it was announced as of October 1st 2018 there will be new regulations for the licensing of HMOs (Houses in Multiple Occupation).... Read More

Landlords Urge Government To Help Older Renters 31 May 2018

The government has received immediate calls to help buy-to-let landlords to support elderly renters who feel the need for better security measures in their homes. A trade body issued their request upon the release of the DWP"s (Department for Works and Pensions) Family Resources Survey showing that the number of older renters had virtually doubled in the last decade.... Read More

Rent Increase in April 17 May 2018

April"s rental prices rose by 1.5% in April in comparison to the same month last year claims a tenant referencing and specialist lettings insurance company from its latest Rental Price Index. Last month"s average rent for new tenancies was £918 per calendar month.... Read More

Tenants Prefer Eco Friendly Rented Homes 12 May 2018

Apparently 42% of tenants feel that a property deemed as eco-friendly is a very important factor when deciding to rent a new "home". A recent report from an estate and letting agents chain claims that for London renters it is even a higher concern as 50% of prospective tenants include a properties "Green" efficiency in their decision whether to rent a "home".... Read More

What Tenants Really Want From A Rented Home 02 May 2018

Being a landlord can mean that at times it is not always easy to second guess exactly what prospective tenants really want from a "rental ready" home. Reasons for deciding on a property can range from anything such soft furnishings, decor which can always be spruced up to make the property more appealing and maximise first time impressions for prospective tenants.... Read More

Massive Increase In Rental Accommodation Demand 28 April 2018

The latest report from an estate and lettings agency has found that demand for rental accommodation from new tenants in England and Wales surged by 23% in March and is 1.8% higher on the year. Although demand has increased there is slightly bad news on the average monthly rent which dropped by 0.... Read More

Landlords Looking To Branch Out 24 April 2018

According to a banking services provider due to the new tax and other changes targeting the private rented sector, landlords are increasingly branching out into different types of property investment. The bank has recently carried out a survey of brokers and found that 14% of landlords had contacted them about extending their portfolios into commercial property and 9% wanted to invest into mixed-use stock.... Read More

The Build To Rent Sector Is Growing Up Fast 20 April 2018

According to the BPF (British Property Federation) there has been a relative boom in the number of completed build-to-rent homes, under construction and being planned. The Federation"s has completed its first annual data gathering on the build-to-rent sector which shows the build to rent activity increased by 30% in 2017.... Read More

Number Of UK Landlords Rises To 2.5 Million 16 April 2018

According to the latest research from an estate and lettings firm that shows in spite of all the tax changes that the buy-to-let sector has and is suffering from, the private rented sector is still encouraging new landlords into the market. The stricter lending regime and tax crackdowns have not put new and existing investors off and the research"s new figures from the HMRC data shows that between 2015-16 numbers of landlords rose by 5% and hit the 2.... Read More

`Anti Social` Pigeons Leads To Landlords Fine 09 April 2018

Brent Council has successfully prosecuted a Brent landlord company after it had failed to resolve the anti social "pigeon behaviour" in one of its rental properties. The council received numerous complaints from the tenants living in the property of being constantly awakened by the noisy pigeons nesting in the roof.... Read More

Organisation Calls For Costs Of Energy Improvements To Be Tax Deductible 04 April 2018

A private rented sector organisation is adamant that any costs undertaken by landlords for improvements to their properties to meet the new energy standards must be tax deductible. The organisation has argued that landlords having to make these improvements out of their own pockets are being treated extremely unjustly.... Read More

English And Welsh Landlords Made £86,000 In 2017 26 March 2018

On average English and Welsh landlords who sold their rental properties in 2017 made an average £86,651 profit if they had owned the property for 8.7 years. The latest research from a UK wide estate agent unsurprisingly found that London landlords who had sold their rental properties last year, made the highest profit with an average of £253,981 - quadruple the amount made outside of London.... Read More