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Do Most Tenants want Unfurnished Properties? 11 September 2018

A comparison website claims that most tenants want to rent an unfurnished home and according to them, there are considerably less landlords providing this. The claims come from its survey of 1,000 tenants in June about their "must haves" when renting a home, the website then compared their findings to 1,564 rental listing on a property portal.... Read More

Landlord`s Burning of Tenant`s Possession will cost him £12,000 Compensation 31 August 2018

A Wrexham private landlord whose stupidity in burning his tenant"s possessions because she had fallen behind in her rental payments, will now have to pay out £12,000 in compensation by 31st October. The "Rogue" landlord pleaded guilty to criminal damage at Mold Court, when it was heard that he had sent in a team of men to clear all of the tenant possessions out of the flat which included furniture, clothes and electrical items.... Read More

Landlord Fined £20,000 after Property Fire - Could Have been More 20 August 2018

An ex -buy to let landlord has been ordered to pay a fine of £20,000 as he nearly put his tenant"s lives at risk after his property burst into flames. The former landlord was liable for the near fatalities of five tenants when the fire started in his Worthing property that nearly became a blazing inferno.... Read More

Majority of Tenants are Happy With their Property 14 August 2018

In spite of the constant hammering by the press of private landlords, it has been reported that a massive majority of private tenants - 84% - are more than happy with their rented accommodation. In its latest research, the English Housing Survey has highlighted that private rental tenants" overall satisfaction of 84% is higher than social renting tenants which stands at 81%.... Read More

Soon to be Mandatory - Landlords Five Year Electrical Safety Checks 09 August 2018

The government is intending to impose mandatory five year electrical safety checks for all electrical appliances and installations in rental "homes"; it has not been released yet when this will come into force. Many industry bodies" working groups have been recommending this type of regulation for some time; the last one request was submitted to the government at the end of last year.... Read More

Landlord Jailed for No Smoke Alarms in Property- Two Boys Die 06 August 2018

In what is a landmark case, a landlord/agent has been sent to jail for not bothering to fit smoke alarms in his property, which led to two very young boys dying in a fire. The Huddersfield landlord was held repsonsible for the death of the two children, aged two and three, for his failure to fit the alarms and the judge said his lack of action was of ‘significant cause" for the fatalities.... Read More

Forecast - By 2023 Rents will have Risen by at least 15% 03 August 2018

The new taxing regime for private landlords is going to force rents spiralling upwards by at least 15% over the next five years, as many private investors are being forced out of the market. RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) is sending out the stark warning the ex- Chancellor, George Osborne"s policies will severely impact tenants" lifestyles, due to the government"s strategy of making it easier for first time buyers to get onto the property ladder.... Read More

Wakefield Landlords Leave 3,300 Rental Homes Empty 18 July 2018

Wakefield"s council are extremely concerned by the private rented sector"s landlords in the area that have left thousands of rentable homes" empty for some considerable time. Over 3,300 houses in Wakefield have been vacant for at least one month according to figures that date back to March, on a positive note the number of run down/derelict properties has dropped.... Read More

Most PRS Landlords Are Up To Speed With Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards 12 July 2018

According to a lender"s latest PRS survey, approximately 93% of rented homes have the required minimum rating and above, as many landlords" have recently installed new boilers. The Energy Efficiency standards came into force on April 1st with rental homes having to meet the required minimum EPC rating of "E"(Energy Performance Certificate).... Read More

Landlords Warned Against Doggy Do`s - Tread Carefully 20 June 2018

A trade body of inventory clerks is warning agents and landlords that they should seriously consider whether it is in their own interests to rent out a property to pet owning tenants; if so they must take adequate precautionary measures to fully protect their investment.... Read More

Warning: October 1st 2018 Mandatory Landlord HMO Licence 08 June 2018

As usual with any Governmental regulatory changes to the private rented section there was always an early proclamation beforehand. In the beginning of March it was announced as of October 1st 2018 there will be new regulations for the licensing of HMOs (Houses in Multiple Occupation).... Read More

Landlords Urge Government To Help Older Renters 31 May 2018

The government has received immediate calls to help buy-to-let landlords to support elderly renters who feel the need for better security measures in their homes. A trade body issued their request upon the release of the DWP"s (Department for Works and Pensions) Family Resources Survey showing that the number of older renters had virtually doubled in the last decade.... Read More