Selling your home is about much more than finding a buyer, in fact that’s only the beginning. The majority of dealings with your estate agent - and the work they do on your behalf - will take place once your buyer has been found. Progressing the sale from offer to completion is often the longest and most intricate part of the process, and can be the most stressful if it is not handled properly.

Which is why we have both sales experts in branch and a dedicated sales progression team in place, who work tirelessly to make sure your experience of selling your home is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Our teams use their experience to ensure your sale moves forwards exactly as it should, that all requirements are met and suitable dates for exchange and completion are set. This includes:

Issuing the memorandum of sale

As soon as you accept an offer, we will begin to draw up the memorandum of sale - a document that confirms both buyer and seller have agreed to the transaction.

Confirming solicitor details

Your solicitor will need to interact with your buyer’s solicitor throughout the process, so ensuring they are in touch and ready to proceed is our next task.

Checking the chain

One of the most common reasons for a sale to fall through is that the chain collapses. Not all sales have a chain beyond the seller and the buyer, but if your buyer is selling a property or you are buying another, the additional links in the chain can cause stress. Our dedicated teams contact all parties in the chain throughout the process to check they remain on track.

Managing progress of key documents

Once the legal work is underway, the last thing we want is for delays to interrupt your sale. Our team will do everything possible to keep the process on track by chasing up the release of your draft contracts, followed by all local searches, plus enquiries from your buyer’s representatives.

Weekly progress calls

We want you to be assured that your sale is moving forwards all the time, which is why our sales progression team is committed to catching up with the relevant solicitors each week and reporting back to you.

Managing the day of exchange

Your exchange day is when all the loose ends are tied up, deposits are transferred and contracts are exchanged, legally binding you to the sale. Our experts will be on hand to deal with any last-minute requests and to give you the good news once the exchange is confirmed.

Our local experts are ready to help you achieve a successful sale and can start by giving you a free valuation of your home today.