Attention Landlords: Possible Expansion of HMO Licensing in Reading

Date Published 28 May 2024

On 21st May, Reading Borough Council sent an E-Mail round to HMO Landlords within the area to propose a new property licensing scheme. This would be an optional scheme which sits beside the existing mandatory scheme for larger houses in multiple occupation. Reading Borough Council are suggesting a license would be needed for all HMO's but now including those with 3-4 occupants. Also, all rented properties (including those let to a single person or family) in 3 wards which included Park, Redlands, and Battle would need a license.

Currently this proposal is discretionary, however if the scheme is given the go-ahead, it will be introduced in 2025 over a number of phases leading to it being mandatory. Reading alone currently has over 1400 licensed HMOs with 5 or more occupants living there.

Under the Housing Act of 2004, this sets out the criteria to determine whether a property would be suitable for occupation, management arrangements are satisfactory and whether the Landlord or Agent are professional in management of the property. This discretionary licensing scheme will target those areas and sectors which have been shown to be the worse in the borough.

If you would like to make a contribution to the discussion of this proposed schemes. Reading Borough Council are holding a consultation event at the Civic Offices, Bridge Street on Thursday 6 June 2024, where they will be running the session twice during the evening at 17:30 and at 18:45. To register and confirm your attendance at this event please visit:

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