Landlords Demand Changes Before Allowing Pets In Properties

Date Published 12 July 2022

Due to the details of the White Paper being released one of the main topics on there was to change how pets are considered in rental properties. Currently Applicants who are looking for a property can be turned away if they have a pet, but when the White Paper comes out every Landlord must consider and can not unreasonably refuse.

In a survey out of 537 Landlords that were contacted between April 4th and May 5th this year, showed that 85.3% of Landlords and Agents have incurred damage to their property by pets. Whilst Landlords experience damage from Adults and Children the majority of the damage is caused by pets.

In answer to how much the reports of damage pets had incurred, this amounted to £1,000 or more and over half of them respondents were unable to recoup pet damage costs specifically. When broken up into sections 57% of Landlords were unable to recoup the costs of pet damage, 29.7% recovered costs from the standard rental deposit, 11.8% recovered costs through a special pet deposit and only 0.5% were able to reclaim through an insurance policy.