Do Most Tenants want Unfurnished Properties?

Date Published 11 September 2018

A comparison website claims that most tenants want to rent an unfurnished home and according to them, there are considerably less landlords providing this.

The claims come from its survey of 1,000 tenants in June about their `must haves` when renting a home, the website then compared their findings to 1,564 rental listing on a property portal.

The majority of tenants (60.29%) wanted an unfurnished property, but according to the website`s findings, just 14% of landlords` listings on the property portal could offer this.

Whilst 16% of tenants wanted cleaning services included with a property, only 3% of listings were offering this.

There was quite a disparity between other tenants` `needs` and landlords` listings such as, 22% of tenants requires parking spaces and only 11% of listings advertised this, 18% would like a gym and/or a swimming pool and again only 11% was able to provide them.

58% of the listings stated that a property was near to a university and work locations whereas only 16% of tenants felt it was a priority.