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New Landlords Increase Year On Year 21 March 2018

The latest research from a financial advice firm reveals that since 2011-2012 yearly increases of new landlords entering into the sector has been more than 100,000. The figures show that during 2015- 16 nearly two million (1.9) people were receiving income/rent from their properties with a total net income worth £16.... Read More

Younger Generations Likely to Choose Property Investment Over Pension 17 March 2018

The pension industry may have to cope with the news that younger age groups are more likely to save earnings to buy properties as their "Golden Nest Egg", rather than taking up pensions for their retirement. Recent research undertaken by a leading commercial finance broker firm found that two age groups found between 20-29 years old and 30-39 years old, have recorded the biggest increase year on year in market share growth for buy-to-let applications.... Read More

Rent Caps Will Cost Tenants 27 February 2018

A trade body states that Labour"s campaign to keep rent increases in line with inflation, will end up costing tenants more and its claim is backed up by official data. The ONS(Office of National Statistics) latest index of private sector rents shows that in the last twelve months till the end of January, UK"s tenants" rent increased by 1.... Read More

Level Of New Loan To Value BTL Mortgages Lowest Since 2002- Landlords Still Confident 21 February 2018

According to a mortgage lender"s latest PRS Trends report, landlords are continuing to reduce their borrowing as during October to December 2017, it has been at its lowest ever level since records were started. During last year"s Q4 the average of Loans To Value (LTV) of 35% was the lowest since 2002 due to tax and regulatory charges that landlords have had to contend with, and causing them to invest in lower LTV buy-to-let mortgages.... Read More

HMRC Intends Landlords` Tax Checks To Be `Bedfellows` With Licensing Schemes 21 February 2018

A consultation has just been launched by the HM Revenue & Customs on the addition of tax checks to landlord licensing schemes, just to make sure that they are paying the "correct" amount of tax. The government has published a consultation document saying it appreciates the majority of people pay their fair share of tax, however it is aware that a small minority are not owning up to their true income, which it describes as the "hidden economy".... Read More

Channel 5 Show `Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords`` Warning For Landlords Using Gumtree 20 February 2018

20th Mar 2017 In a recent episode of the "Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords" show on Channel 5,one of its main features reported on a landlord"s bad experience when using Gumtree to let her property. The landlady, Vicky McNaught, opted for using Gumtree to list her property as it was far cheaper than using a letting agent.... Read More